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Challenge of the Masters

Challenge Of The Masters is a - released in Hong Kong by Shaw Brothers, and directed by Lau Kar Leung.


After his father refuses to teach him kung fu and he is constantly being beaten around by rival school students, a young Wong Fei Hung must train under Luk Ah Choy to avenge the evils being done by the rival school.


Gordon Liu – Wong Fei Hung
Chen Kuan Tai – Luk Ah Choy
Lily Li – Sau Lien
Lau Kar Leung – Ho Fu

Cat Vs Rat

Cat vs. Rat is a Shaw Brothers film directed by Lau Kar Leung, starring Alexander Fu Sheng, Kara Hui and Adam Cheng.


Alexander Fu Sheng and Adam Cheng star as rival students of the same kung fu master. The Rat and Cat have spent years arguing over who has the most powerful kung fu. When the Cat is appointed as guardian to the emperor, the Rat becomes profoundly jealous and hatches a plot to discredit his rival.


Fu Sheng – Pai Yu Tang
Kara Hui – Chan’s sister
Wang Lung Wei
Adam Cheng – Chan Chao

Boxer from Shantung

The Boxer From Shantung is a Shaw Brothers kung fu film directed by Chang Cheh, and starring David Chiang and Chen Kuan Tai.


Boxer From Shantung follows Ma Yongzhen and Xiao Jiangbei. Ma and Xiao are manual laborers busting their tails in Shanghai at the beginning of the film, and Ma's first encounter with the crime lord Tan Si starts him off on the underworld influence ladder. Step by step, he earns the respect of everyone he meets, either with his strength of character or by beating them up. When he gets a really big break by defeating a Russian strongman, he indulges himself in a fancy cigarette holder, much like the one Tan Si uses. However, he is mindful of his humble beginnings, and of the fact that times are still tough for many in Shanghai. He shares his good fortune with his old fellow wage slaves, and when they assist him in his various extralegal activities, he lectures them on the futility of trying to extort money from people who simply don't have any to spare.

The tea house that Ma and his underlings frequent employs a singer, Jin Lingzi, and her uncle, who provides the music. Ms. Jin's hopes that Ma's arrival will mark a turn for the better for conditions in the crime-plagued city are dashed when she ascertains that he isn't different enough from the other bosses she's seen rise and fall.

Blood Brothers (1973 film)

Blood Brothers is a 1973 Shaw Brothers kung fu film directed by Chang Cheh, with action choreography by Lau Kar Leung, and starring David Chiang and Ti Lung. It is released as Chinese Vengeance in Australia and Dynasty of Blood in North America.

The films follows a trio of bandits who join the army to suppress a rebel movement in Qing Dynasty China.


Blood Brothers follows two aimless bandits Chang Wen Hsiang and Huang Chang who attempt to rob Ma Xinyi . Unable to defeat him, they join forces and are soon thrashing hoodlums and even taking over a nearby group of bandits. But soon it becomes apparent Ma's ambitions far out reach those of his friends, he seeks a position in local government.

Having left them behind they meet again. Now a general, Ma still in not about to let anything stand in the way of his goals - which now include defeating the 'long hair' bandits and Huang's wife Mi Lan . The attraction is mutual, with her seeing potential of this ambitious man. Whilst Chang and Huang are off fighting the bandits Ma and Mi have an affair and he arranges for Huang to be assassinated rather than let his position fall into disgrace.

As Chang recounts his tale to the local Marshall, held for the murder of his blood brother, the inevitability of his fate is always clear. After Ma's men take their revenge, Mi Lan is left to recall over the good times and all the trouble she's caused.


Ti Lung received the Golden Horse Award for his performance in the film.

Avenging Eagle

Avenging Eagle is a 1978 Shaw Brothers film directed by Chung Sun, starring Ti Lung, Alexander Fu Sheng and Ku Feng.


Eagle Chief Yoh Xi-hung raises orphans to be his personal killers, one which is Chi Ming-sing . After Chi starts to have second thoughts about his killer lifestyle he meets up with a stranger who keeps following him everywhere in Cheuk Yi-fan , who carries hidden wrist knives in his boots. Chi Ming-sing cannot understand Cheuk’s motives but Cheuk has no second thoughts about helping him kill the Eagle Clan members who begin to come after him. Not knowing that Cheuk Yi-fan is the son of a family the Eagles robbed and murdered, Chi Ming-sing confesses his evil doings after the Eagles murdered a family who took care of him and vows to change his life and get revenge by killing Eagle Chief Yoh. Cheuk accompanies Chi to Eagle headquarters but Eagle Chief Yoh sees right through him Cheuk’s intentions and both fighters put aside their differences to get rid of the Eagle Clan.
Was sampled by the Wutang Clan

Apartment for Ladies

Apartment for Ladies or Nu zi gong yu is a Hong Kong Shaw Brothers comedy film directed by Umetsugu Inoue.

Cast and roles

Alice Au Yin Ching as Ding
Barry Chan as Tommy
Chou Chia-li
Ha Ping as Lulu
Man No Kuo
Lily Li as Betty
Li Peng-fei as George
Ouyang Sha-fei as Mrs. Chan
Ting Chien
Betty Ting Pei as Yu Shu-wen
Yang Fan as Wang Te-sheng

Angry Guest

The Angry Guest or E ke is a 1972 Shaw Brothers film directed by Chang Cheh from Hong Kong, starring David Chiang and Ti Lung, it is a sequel to Duel of Fists.


Fan Ke and Wenlie are back, and this time they're up against a powerful Japanese crime syndicate . Not only that, but Killer , the head villain from "Duel of Fists," has escaped prison and wants retribution. Killer's revenge plot leads to Wenlie's girlfriend's kidnapping, and forces the two heroes to travel to Japan to set things straight and kick some ass.

In Thailand, an architect and his brother capture a gangster wanted by the authorities, a ruthless man named Killer. However he escapes from prison and seeks revenge by killing the brother's family and holding his girlfriend hostage in Japan. Although they catch up with him, they are blackmailed in that if they don't let Killer free, the girlfriend will be killed. Soon after arriving in Japan they are helped by a rival veteran crime boss who wants to oust Killer the gangster for good and dominate his operations.

It leads to a climax scene where Killer's gang are invaded on a construction site, complete with diggers and machinery used in the battle.